The Story

Style of the carpet:

Carpets come in three styles, namely Berber, Pattern, and Texture.
Berber carpet is stain-resistant and it is ideal for stairs, hallways, and basements.
Texture carpet is a soft to touch and trendy carpet. It is ideal for family rooms and bedrooms.
Pattern carpet is a combination of Texture and Berber. This style of carpet is used in rooms, bedrooms, and offices as it gives a sophisticated appearance.

Pile and Face weight:

Pile shows the height of the carpet. It can be classified into three categories, Low Pile, Medium Pile, and High Pile.
Face weight refers to the amount of yarn used in making the carpet pile. Higher the face weight the denser the carpet and higher it’s quality.

India is a culturally rich and vibrant country, famous for its artistic impressions. The carpet manufacturers in India produce high-quality carpets and their skilled craftsmen give it a magical touch. That is why carpet manufacturers in India are so popular worldwide. Carpet manufacturers in India act as a catalyst to the Indian economy and provide a livelihood to many artisans. The carpet rugs & cushion enhance the look of homes and offices.